London has welcomed Peruvian food with open arms and I’ve a feeling it’s a love to last forever. I’m smitten myself with favourites including Lima Floral, Chotto Matte, and Señor Ceviche. I’ve yet to visit Coya which I’ve heard nice things about. I’ve recently visited… View Post

Chicama enters the London restaurant scene with much pressure. Its sister restaurant, Pachamama, has been one of London’s favourite Peruvian joints since inception. As such, one would wonder whether Chicama could equal Pachamama’s success, or even surpass it. Especially as the younger sister, located on King’s Road,… View Post

108 Brasserie in Marylebone is on a mission to showcase the best of modern British cuisine and seasonal produce through Executive Chef Russell Ford‘s Dish of the Month series. This July stars a gluten-free 100% Acorn fed Iberico pork fillet with grilled peaches and Wye Valley asparagus.… View Post