When I Googled “best places to eat in Marrakech”, Gastro MK seemed to appear on everyone’s list. Bon Appétit called it “The Michelin Contender” and that was all I needed to know to book dinner. You can find Gastro MK within the maze of the Medina (they… View Post

Growing up, I had a voracious appetite for books and stories. I loved reading my text books even before school started and would always ask for a pitstop at a book shop instead of a toy store. Over the years my taste changed from Archie comics… View Post

The Connaught has always been one of my favourite hotels in London particularly because despite the ritzy ambience and sophisticated design, service really lies in the heart of everything they do. Plus, on a more personal level, the Connaught Bar plays a very strong martini game… View Post

We all have problems. And for those who have itchy feet, travel toes and blogging blues, we have #travelbloggerproblems. This month’s travel link up tries to explore all these conundrums we have when we’re geared with passports, cameras, and social media. Here’s a few of what… View Post

I first heard of EatAbout from my friend Alexandra when she wrote about how the company started and how she, inspired by two men who went on to follow their passions, followed her heart and joined them too. Founders Philip’s and Felix’s story ain’t particularly a new… View Post