TV chef Judy Joo’s Jinjuu is of those places I’ve “uhm”-ed and “ahh”-ed about. I’ve read less-than-enthusiastic reviews from my food critic heroes Jay Rayner and Fay Maschler (which was apparently deleted due at Jinjuu’s request) so it was never really on my priority list. However,… View Post

When I went to Morocco, I had enough time to take a day trip to Africa’s Windy City and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Essaouira. This coastal city is popular with tourists because of its crescent beach which, when kissed by strong trade winds, become ideal for activities… View Post

I’ve always associated Vivat Bacchus with client entertainment. It seemed like the type of place to take suits, lawyer-types, or any carnivorous person for a little corporate card spendage. So when I got an invite to try their Farringdon branch, I called up suit-avert B for… View Post