The Filo Supper Club: Com Viet & Carluccio’s

A few days after I met up with Ate T, our Filo supper club decided to have dinner at Com Viet again. We were booked a table downstairs, which was a completely different atmosphere from the upstairs 12-seater area.

Side A: The married couples                                                                         Side B: Ate T and her ‘adings’

Our little get-together was prompted by stylist PL’s London visit. We all had to see his fabulous hair.

Most of the group ordered what Ate T and I had on our first visit so our table became a sea of spring rolls and noodles. I wanted to try something else so I had grilled bbq squid for starters (£6.90) and beef papaya salad (£8.50) for mains. The squid was marinated in some sort of seven-spice, garlic and onions. I loved that the squid was perfectly cooked. It was soft and had the right amount of chew.

I’m a bit of a pain when it comes to salads as I usually ask for the dressing on the side. That way I can taste the individual components first and assess how much dressing is needed. I forgot to ask this time and they may have gone a bit overboard (they also went nuts with the crushed nuts on top). Surprisingly the papaya strips, even the bottom bits soaking in the nuoc nam dressing, retained a nice fresh crunch. Pretty okay salad. I’d order it again but I’d make sure I share it with someone else.

The most interesting dish was R’s bahn xeoh  (£7.80). It was basically a savoury crepe filled with prawn, pork and bean sprouts served with a wedge of lettuce, herbs and nuoc nam. You wrap strips of the pancake in the lettuce leaves and dip it in the sauce. I found this process strange but R thought it was nice so… okay.

We all went a wee bit shiny afterwards. Here’s the group sans K (who took the photo) and The Don (who was ill).

Com Viet on Urbanspoon

We ended up at Carluccio’s next door for afters as most dessert places were already closed. I was a bit hesitant because the last time I went to a Carluccio’s franchise didn’t fare well. The Covent Garden branch, however, was laid out in a really nice building and had a separate café space. We took over the big (and only) table in the room and it was nice because it felt as if we were just in someone’s kitchen, having post-dinner coffee chit-chat.

The area also serves as space for their desserts, salad bar and their own line of ingredients for Italian dishes.

There’s a little bit of something for everyone….

My choice: melon sorbet and almond macarons.

*burp* it was a good night indeed. Can’t wait til our next supper adventure. =)

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