The Girl Next Shore

Mabuhay! My name is Honey and I’m the Girl Next Shore.

My blogging history dates back to 2001, when the internet was all about dial-up connections. Those days, “blogging” was all for journalling pent up emotions of youth and in a way, expressing creative juice through word-weaving.
These days, I blog about happier things in life. Mostly food, travel and musings for when the mind feels a bit philosophical. This blog is my happy space where everything is bright as the sunshine and the people I meet are like diamonds in the sea. =)
Eight Fun Facts about The Girl Next Shore:1. I’m a Londoner by way of Manila, the capital of the Philippines (where the beaches are pristine and the people smile more than it rains in the UK).

2. I’m one of the very few Filos who can’t carry a tune like those you see on YouTube. But I am a mean hip-hop dancer.3. My party trick: I can open bottle-caps with my teeth. I fumble with a bottle opener.

4. One of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had was circumcising a 13-year-old boy (who was much bigger than me) during a voluntary medical mission. My mommy wanted me to be a doctor and that was the reason why I went on to read Business.

5. I have an affinity with stripes, penguins, London and the French Riviera.

6. I can’t eat eggs. Perhaps it’s psychological, because I can eat them in form of cake (ie, when I don’t see the yolk at all).

7. I work in Marketing.

8. My jersey number in any sport has always been 89. The 8th letter in the alphabet is “H” and the 9th letter is “I”. Put them together and you get HI!

Hope you have fun reading! x