Day 22 – How have you changed in the past 2 years?


Other than the superficial haircuts, faded tans and not-so superficial relationships, I don’t think anything’s changed much since 2008/2009. If anything, I actually think I’ve rediscovered myself again except I can humbly say that I’ve learned how to be stronger and more capable than I used to be.

Starbucks Bournemouth 2008 v Black & Blue 2010
I’m still on the vanilla double-shot cappuccinos & still on the martinis!
Yes, most of my clothes are still love black / white!)

See? Not much change really….

Croydon Starbucks 2008 v Wimbledon 2010

I still down heaps of caffeine, and I still keep telling myself I need to tone it down a bit.
I still like scarves/hats and trusty Chucks Ts are still my favourite shoes to wear
I still love hiding behind my aviator sunnies. 

Whole Foods 2008 v Manila 2010
I still find pleasure in enjoying the favourite tipple…moderately of course!
(although I’ve discovered that I do have quite a tolerance for beer)

Nandos 2008 v Gourmet Burger Kitchen 2010
I still have a love affair with food.
I still find intense pleasure in satisfying cravings.
Anyone can still pronounce my favourites.

I still love dessert best. Case in point:

Chancery 2009 v Laduree 2011
and that’s because I still believe in happy endings!

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