OLD JOURNAL ENTRY: The one-day crush

You remember spending one whole day with him three semesters ago, when you both were assigned officials for the college volleyball games. During time-outs you talked about loads of things – he said he thought you were only 16 (you were 17 then), you said he should stick with his course (ECE, pare!). He made you laugh, he wiped the dirt off your face, gave you his tissue to wipe the barbecue sauce off your shirt.

You wanted to die in shame because you thought you’re turning him off because of your ‘Batang Gusgusin’ act. Upon realizing what you just felt, your heart skipped a beat – you are ‘in crush’. You were just about to ask for his number when your boyfriend appears, planting a kiss on your forehead. New crush walks over to his position, blows his whistle, and calls the last set. At the end of the day, you realize you don’t even know his name.

You never see him after that day. You wished on Orion’s belt to see him again before either of you graduates.

Last night, you hosted a university-wide event sponsored by your org. You realized that there were quite a lot of people and you couldn’t find your friends. Your eyes grazed the audience and you finally stopped when you checked row 6. There he was. Looking at you, smiling at you, making you feel pretty without even saying a word. You told yourself to meet him after the show, but then he stood up and left. He turns around and waves at you. You wanted to leave the stage but you couldn’t.

Because you still don’t know his name.

Seven years later… I kinda wish I knew his name so I could try searching for him on the social networks. Not to say ‘Hi, I’m that girl you worked with for a sportsfest seven years ago’ because that’s obsessive and stalkerish, right? I guess I just want to finally put a name to the face – after all he’s set the standard for making you feel like you’ve got a perennial school-girl crush. Oh well.  

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