T & I / Ponti / April 2010
T’s my first UP friend (FUPF). I met her during freshie induction day and immediately dreaded the sight of her. We were wearing the same outfit (plain white shirt, flared denims and white sneaks) and looked like high school students who bunked off Citizen Army Training. Totally uncool for the first day of your university life. She spotted me too, smiled broadly, and shrieked that YES! We’ve got the same outfit! Slightly dying of humiliation, I hoped she wasn’t in my college but when she jumped in the same carpool heading towards the College of Business Ad, I groaned inwardly. So much for the cool freshie factor. She babbled on with her introductory spiel in the car and I thought, ‘This girl will either be a friend for life or a nightmare.’ She turned out to be both.

T & I / Teriyaki Boy / August 2007

T’s personality is as loud as ten thousand screaming banshees calling out for help. She’s VERY open, says it straight and talks about EVERYTHING. My complete opposite, as I was never one for small talk especially with people I’m not close to and I only wore my heart on my sleeve on my blogs. However, T gets me talking. It all started when, during one of our long breaks in freshie year, we sat by the Sunken Garden and she spilt half of her life and love story. I was content listening to her and watching how animated she was until she said, ‘What about you. What’s your story?’ It felt like a free key to start again, a free pass for an overhaul. An erase and rewind moment. I had every opportunity to make some story about how things were okay and that I’ve had a pretty normal life before college. But she stared at me with her welcoming smile and I knew that I can talk to her.

She’s one of the five people in this planet who can absolutely get me to talk for hours about anything without the need to censor the nitty gritty details. When I speak to her I always feel liberated without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. She listens, not for the sake of exhausting you of verbal diarrhea but for the sake of exhausting you of all that pent up emotion you didn’t even know existed. I’ve always trusted her in the same way that I know she trusts me. She’s always there – from awkward bible study sessions when my parents were trying to salvage their marriage to my last day in Manila, from my crazy relationship in college to mature Filo/European lovers, from auditioning for the university street dance club to figuring out investments and future business plans. I can only hope I am ‘there’ enough for her. I really value our friendship and I’m so glad that despite being miles away we get to keep close.

T & I / Forever21 / Dec 2010

T’s heart is a generous heart and she wears it on her sleeve. This makes her a nightmare and a half. I get quite protective of my friends, but I never get directly involved with their affairs. I’d throw my two cents’ worth and play devil’s advocate so they can see the bigger picture and ultimately make decisions. I’ve played this part with T heaps (and vice versa) and though I know she’ll always come out smiling I’m always hoping that she’ll get all that she deserves and more, and that she’d find someone who truly deserves her. Because you don’t come across a girl like T. Like her favourite thing to collect, she’s extremely precious. Absolutely precious.


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