my little big brother

Day 14 – A photo of one of your favourite family members
Robjob & I / Manila / December 2010
As far as brothers go, I think I have a pretty decent one. We’ve had our fair share of fights growing up (I’ve bashed the door on his fingers and pushed him off the bed once, he’s pushed me and spat on me before) but now that we’re *ahem* mature young *ahemahem* adults now, our relationship’s gone so much better. Obviously, we’ve shared heart to heart talks involving family issues and all that. 
I didn’t get to see my brother for three years since 2007. Within those years, Rob was gearing up for the Blue Eagles, who wanted to offer him a spot for the team. Unforch, he suffered a knee injury and his doctor told him he couldn’t/shouldn’t play again. It broke my heart to see the boy cry because Rob’s such a strong character whose laidback vibe puts Bob McFerrin into shame. But as it goes, Rob would rise from this personal battle and would still enjoy a cheeky game of ball at home. When I went to Manila and saw him the first time again last April he’s an absolute mint. 6-feet tall and 19-years small, he’s a deadringer for my dad (and they have the same sense of charm, too) and as his own person you can tell that he definitely has something special in him. His voice is amazing. His humour fits all. He’s my brother and I’m so proud. 
We talk better now and we’d have our ‘Bro-Sis’ days whenever we’re together. We don’t agree all the time but that’s what brothers are for, aye? I really wish he’d definitely come here so we can hang out some more.
I miss him. Everyday.

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