People who inspire: the other brother, J

Day 07 – A photo of someone you love

J is technically my oldest cousin, but he’s been a brother to me since I’ve existed and I love him dearly.
Growing up he was such a kickass dude – Mr Popular who played ball, the smart-ass student who was fairly smart, the suave boy who was a loyal boyfriend. He was the epitome of cool (still is) and everything he did I tried to copy.

There were heaps of deep moments shared between us, too. Like when I was so lost when he ran away when he was 16, when we shared a room in LA so he can meet his mom for the first time in 20 years. Or when he asked me to be his Maid of Honour and when I cried heaps when the wedding was called off. Like when he finally married the right woman and when I saw his face light up like a galaxy when he held his firstborn in his arms – and I saw the same amount of joy when he sent photos of him and his little boy. He’s always been around my highs and lows and has always been supportive no matter what.
We’re not the type to express ourselves profusely but our closeness goes way beyond blood and familial ties. There’s no need for words, really. All it takes is a look, and maybe a few bottles of beer. I love Kuya J – the loving husband and dad to his amazing family, the man he’s become and the brother he will always be to me.

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