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Do you have a plus one?

So.. do we really need another one? I believe in the power of social networking, but I’m feeling slightly disheartened with what it does to human connections. I think it’s brilliant for trying to connect with people far away/ people you’ve not seen for ages; since Facebook‘s gone mainstream I’ve been reconnected with heaps of people I’ve lost touch with. Catching up with them has been easier by sharing photos, PMs or wall posts. But it’s not quite the same is it?

Okay. Don’t get me wrong. I’m up for convenience and ease. But I also believe that there are some things you should put effort into. Like writing letters (as I’ve said before, nothing beats hand-written, heartfelt letters… although in these times I suppose good, detailed personal emails will do). Like self-preservation. Like human connections. Are we really in that day and age where clicking a ‘Like’ button is enough to tell a friend we appreciate their thoughts? Where ‘tagging’ friends is enough to show someone you’re thinking about them? Where looking at photos is just as good as being in the photos? Where virtual beers and restaurants became better hangouts than sharing a beer and a burger with your mates down the pub? Really?

I’ve deactivated my Facebook account yesterday. I mean, I’m sure I’ll reactivate it because my parents would probably want me to go back on it to know their kid is still alive, but I’m thinking of doing this initially for a week. I guess it’s some sort of motivation to exert more effort into communicating better with family and friends – which should’ve come naturally, anyway. I guess if I really wanted to share something with them then I should really just send them a proper email/letter or give them a call rather than posting on their walls for all the world to see. Private conversations matter, too you know. It’s more… intimate and more special. I’m still on Twitter because a) it’s kinda like SMS only free, b) it’s informative and I use it for work (ish) and c) it’s more conversational that Facebook. But. I’ll try not to overdo it either. So for now, if you want to contact me… give me a call or drop me a letter will you? =)

Let’s see what happens, aye? There’s no other connection than a proper human connection after all.

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