Foodies Festival (part 1)

So early last month, I went to the Foodies Festival at Battersea Park. The sun was out and it was a good day to celebrate food at its best!

Gary Lee, Head Chef of The Ivy held a masterclass. He cooked scallops and beef wellington. I would’ve enjoyed the whole thing better if the host didn’t hover and hound so much. Understand it’s a show but she was just asking really unnecessary questions (ie, Can you get me free entry at The Ivy?! What are you doing now? What are you doing now? What are you doing now?!?!?!). Hassle.


Because we were quite irita, we decided to go check out the yummy fresh stuff from the stalls.

First off, olives! I had to try the chili stuffed one, which everyone said was hot. Sure, there was a bit of a kick but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Hotter than jalapeno but milder than habanero. Steady. =)

We went nuts about nuts. Wasabi peas, Japanese rice crackers and honey roasted almonds will always get top marks from me!


Do you guys like Turkish delight? I’m not really a fan but they’re so pretty to look at!


I love The Honest Carrot‘s flowerpot bread concept. Cute present for bread lovers/garden makers!

Lots of sausages around, this was the most pungent stall. They sold cheese as well.

Lots of jerk and stew stalls from the Caribbean islands and the West Indies! The Chairman’s Reserve staff let me take photos ‘driving’ their stall. Happy beans!

Chan Cham sauces are amazing! I’ve tried the Tamarind and 3-Spice (subtle and sweet and perfect for dipping breads and cooking mild curries with a bit of a kick) and their fiercest Hot Pepper Sauce (fiery but yum and an absolute decongestant!) and they’re both delicious.

Since the sun was out, we’ve decided the perfect lunch would be something off the grill downed with ice cold beer/cider. We’ve chosen to get an exotic burger from Tucker’s!

The springbok burger was really delish. They served it medium rare and straight up – white burger bap, shredded lettuce, pickle (we opted out of cheese and tomatoes to respect to the proper flavour of the burger) and just a bit of American yellow mustard. The patty seemed smaller than expected but we’re going for quality over quantity! The meat was juicy which is great as springbok is a very lean meat. Every bite was packed with big flavours. Bambi took us to a whole new world (uh… different cartoon!) that even though she’s cute in all her subtle marbled glory of a patty, you really wouldn’t feel sorry for eating Bambi. Or her dad. Or her mommy. Or… well, you get the picture!

Will talk about dessert and cocktails in the next post. Now off to get me some good lunch!

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