epic US Open ’11 finals.

Tennis fans and sportsmen were absolutely spoilt with the display of excellence during last night’s US Open finals. Both Nole and Rafa displayed brilliant athleticism and amazing mental strength for the coveted cup.

Djokovic dominated the first two sets, breaking Nadal constantly, going 6-2, 6-4. But don’t let the scoreline fool you – both players were belligerent all through out and the every minute was a nail-biting moment. Games were concluded in numerous deuces and a cocktail of intelligent shots that dropped by the net and sliced to the baselines. The rallies were seriously not for the faint-hearted.
Yo, Jay-Z dawg. Who’s yo’ daddy now?

Down two sets, Rafa’s inner phoenix seemed to have been awakened as he levelled up and turned his game mode on during the third set. Known for a stamina that rivals ten million trolls, he pounded shot after shot after shot whilst Nole’s bionic self seemed to take a bit of a break. Rafa squeezed four more points to deny Nole of a straight-set win and claimed victorious after a one-sided tie-break (6-7). At this point everyone was asking the same question: ‘Are we going to have a really late dinner?

Source: Daily Mail


The fourth set started well but after game one Nole asked for a medical time out. I don’t know whether it was the pill or the water but after those five minutes he went on and OWNED it, 6-1. And yes, he’s done it again.
Yihee, manicured fingers not?
Source: Daily Mail
Seriously, matches like that make my heart skip beats. THAT’s exactly why people like me fall in love with the game. I believe both players deserved to be in the final – the tremendous matches they’ve played before the finals were quite epic and dramatic. Both Rafa and Nole have always shown a great deal of sportsmanship and so there will never be tears nor commiserations between these two. It was an honor to see both of them excel, not for entertainment, not for self-gratification but for love of the game.

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