People who inspire: little lady D

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. I think, with my cousin D sharing my maternal blood line, I’m perfectly happy with that.

D’s always lived in England so we didn’t have the opportunity to bond like cousins who live close to each other. We kept in touch through letters, cards and the internet. We watched her grow through stories from her parents who used to send photos and news cuttings whenever she made the local papers. I always looked forward to spending time with her during holidays when we visited each other’s side of the Earth, excited that I’d get to spend time with my little girl cousin and happy to have someone to share pent-up kiddie mischief with.

Years went by as we settled in different hemispheres I thought we’d grow apart yet we’ve become more alike than we are unalike. About six years ago, she came to Manila and after two weeks’ worth of boozy revelations and heart-to-heart chats, I loved her even more. I moved to the UK shortly after her holiday but long before then I knew that distance will always be irrelevant. Whilst I’ve never been so open without feeling exposed nor judged, I’ve also never felt so protective and so ‘OMG-i-wanna-take-care-of-you‘ towards anyone. I think that summer defined our relationship – we’re always going to be around for each other. No matter what, where, when, how. It’s a natural thing.

She’s beautiful in and out but she doesn’t realise how gorgeous she is in all sense of the word. And if that’s not enough, she’s a tough smartie, too. Ever so sensible and ever so brilliant with words, her CV highlights would include ‘law degree’, ‘kickass pianist’, ‘poetry’, ‘grammar school’ etc.

She’s the poster child for the word ‘friend’. She’s generous (although sometimes I feel like kicking her in the butt for being sneakily OTT), caring and loving to her mates. This girl will do literally anything for the ones she love – bend over backwards, pay for dinner when you’re about to hand your card, hold your hand when you need it the most even when she’s coming from 10,000 miles away, sit and wait for hours in a condensed hospital room just so that you’re not alone, etc. She’s going to stick by you no matter what, and she will always do this without compromising integrity and truth of who she really is. D is cool just the way she is – no need for more nor less.

This post may come across as a cheesy declaration of love and pure vajayjay power but then I still find everything I say so limiting as to what and who she really is. She’s my sister-from-another-mother, my favourite extended family member, my rock, my confidante and one of the bestest friends I have in the planet. I seriously don’t know how I’d survive without her. I love her, I really do. 

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