Zizzi: where I was pleasantly surprised.

Went out for a catch up with a mate after work. She asked me what I was in the mood for and as I rarely like eating out at Italian restaurants, I said anywhere but. After scouring all four corners of Fitzrovia for a place that wasn’t fully booked, we ended up in front an Italian called Zizzi. I was about to protest but friend said she was tired of walking and was in dire need of California-New York-London gossip. Okay, then. I was quite famished myself.
They had arancini (£5.15) on the menu and I started getting really excited because I have not had it for a while. Zizzi’s risotto balls came in three bite-size pieces, served with a tomato chilli dipping sauce and some rocket. I was pleasantly surprised with this starter. My balls were crunchy, peasy, cheesy, punched with a tomato tang and had a bit of a chili kick. And yes, I can say that with conviction.
I had the trofie (£8.95) for mains. The serving was massive and I felt a bit overwhelmed – I don’t even like pasta that much! I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to finish my plate until I had my first forkful. The trofie, which can be a tricky pasta to cook, was flawless. The sauce was spot on and there was enough of it to pack the dish with good flavour (and yes, I’ve declined the requisite ‘Would you like some parmesan‘). The dance between cream and pesto was a smooth, buttery work of art. The beans were crunchy and added great texture. I was so delighted with this dish I felt it deserved a standing ovation when it came down to my last few bites. There’s serious joy in the simplest of things and that’s what this dish was all about – a really simple plate of pasta with cooked to perfection.
My friend had bruschetta (£4.95) for starters and the Sofia pizza (£9.15) for mains. She said the bruschetta was yummy and that the pizza was okay. I wasn’t able to take photos as we were both engulfed in our convo and our food.
Overall, it was quite a decent meal and I have to say, possibly one of the most decent chain restaurants I’ve been to. The staff at the Charlotte Street branch were very nice and attentive to what we wanted, too (quiet table, this on the side, extra of that, etc.) I’d defo go back again.
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Average spend £30pp for a three course meal and wine  


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