Start a ‘Happiness’ playlist!

Why are there a lot of grumpy people in the world?!?!?! On the bus, a man constantly muttered about traffic. On the tube, a couple had a nasty row and despite rush hour buzz you could really hear them being spiteful towards each other. On the way to work, I accidentally bumped into a lady, dropped my just-bought porridge and she actually snarled at me as if I snatched her purse. SUNGIT! Perhaps they all woke up on the wrong side of the bed? 

I get it. We can’t be happy-sunshiney people all the time. But then starting the day right makes a massive difference. What are you waking up to? A hangover? Eyebags? A broken heart? IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY! There’s a cure to bad morning blues and I’ve been using it for a while now. The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer. And play some decent tunes for an extra kick and push =)

On your ‘happiness’ playlist, you’ve got to have the following categories (songs may vary depending on your taste, of course):

WAKE UP: The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
Hands down my favourite song to wake up to. No Beef is my current alarm song because it’s effective but I’ve always listened to this tune to convince myself that it’s going to be a beautiful morning and an awesome day, whatever the weather is like. Life’s like the surf and all that, anyway. =)

GET-READY: Miami Horror – Make You Mine
Listen to this when you’re getting ready for work. A groovy tune can really boost your confidence when you’re dressing up – even when you’re feeling rough or when you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed! I mean, look at Austin Powers – he’s not exactly muy gwapito but he’s such a stud cos he always gets his groove on! =)
BRING IT ON: Starkillers & Nadia Ali – Keep It Coming
Another awesome Starkillers + Nadia collab. Listen to this on the way to work, it’ll defo keep your energy levels up. Feel like a busy week ahead? Make this song your ‘warrior tune’ and tell yourself you’re up for the challenge. You can go through anything potentially stressful if you just put your mind and back into it. =)

PICK ME UPPER: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work(RAC remix)
The original version of this song’s very catchy and pick-me-uppy but I like the RAC remix too. I love songs with good lyrics that really motivate you and really make you think that anything can be possible. =)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger
Nothing makes me smile more than a cheesy guilty pleasure. I’ve constantly hated this song until last week; after a few bad days it blared off my earphones randomly. I don’t know why but started jolly strutting along Dean Street and I imagined myself as Anne Vyalitsyna strutting down the VS runway with Adam Levine. Give me a break, dudes. Guilty pleasure nga e. =P

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH: Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup
When you feel like you need a bit of a break but can’t, have a chocolate bar. If resources are running on low to zilch, think of someone who’s inspired you lately. And feel all giggly and giddy all over. =)

So there, you go folks. Go creat your own happy playlists and don’t be too masungit to other people! And if all else fails, think of a really happy thought and SMILE. You have no idea how infectious a smile can be 😉


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