Songs from my sickbed

Greetings from my sickbed. In between Skype and sleep and ten million coughing fits, I’ve tried to relax my brain and cool my temperature by tunesing and daydreaming about coconuts, hammocks and the emerald ocean.

The Alabama Shakes – Hold On
If you’ve never heard of The Alabama Shakes and heard their tunes, you’d probably think the vocalist is some Otis Redding-slash-Led Zep inspired country/classic rock dude. But  Brittany Howard is an irony of all sorts: a dorky unpretentious alpha rock goddess. And I freakin’ love her voice.

Outkast – Liberation
You’d think a collab with Cee-Lo and Erykah Badu would be something flamboyantly extravagant, but this is actually a more subdued yet absolutely relevant piece. Hats off to Big Rube‘s verse. If you’re a fan of spoken word you should know this guy. Old school, but still stands as my favourite Outkast song ever.

The Drums – Instruct Me
(Couldn’t find a proper video so this is some random person’s holiday vid.)
Such an ‘I-want-my-mommy-I-feel-so-helpless’ tune. I hate being ill far away from people I love, especially my fam bam. Times like these, I could do with a big cup of soup and a lot of people to tuck me in.

Tennis – Origins
First single off the Young & Old album, but not my favourite to be honest. I like how the tracks seem slightly more progressive than Cape Dory without losing the classic dreamy, 60’s diner pop feel. Alaina Moore’s voice is innocently mint. I seriously love it when she sings those ‘woh-oh-oh-oh’s‘.

The Shins – Point of Morrow
So the new album‘s out and you’d be glad to find out that it doesn’t stay clear much of the band’s formula. Save for the title track; it’s still a lazy, dreamy song and almost ethereal in some parts but not exactly as quirky as I thought it could’ve been. Really good still 😉

Tycho – A Walk
A little soundscape bliss. Makes you realise that when words are not enough, you can still say a lot without.

Here’s to a speedy recovery. Fingers and everything crossed. =( 


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