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I’ve always played it safe with perfume because I really like my staples and I’m quite paranoid about trying new ones and getting allergies. Also, I’ve always had this idea that changing scents often just makes you smell… strange. Ironically, I’m always trying out new scents, in search of something different, so when Ate T invited me to join her pre-birthday treat at Jo Malone I got excited. It’s a British apothecary/perfumery that celebrates national heritage in its range of luxury fragrances and scents. I actually like their products but I’ve only really purchased the home stuff as I thought their colognes were for, um, mature women; I’ve stayed clear of their eau de whatevs.

We went to their Sloane Square branch for arm and hand massages. Our therapist was a lovely lady called Natalie who led us to the ‘tasting bar’ and served us some bubbly and fairy cakes. Yum!

Jo Malone has a number of base scents divided into six categories: citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, spicy and woody. All of them are actually lovely on their own but the fun thing is that you can mix the scents to create your bespoke signature scent.

Natalie asked us about our preferences. I told her I’ve always liked scents that remind me of aqueous freshness and of the beach, like coconuts (summer olfactory stimulant!), showers and fresh cotton linen. 
I didn’t know which category that scent profile falls under so I told her I wanted to try something different but nothing too floral nor too sweet. She smiled confidently and started prepping for our massages. Ate T, who likes floral and fruity fresh scents had an Orange Blossom créme du corps base layered with their limited edition Plum Blossom perfume. P, who liked fruity and heady scents had a Blue Agave & Cacao base layered with Nutmeg & Ginger cologne. They both smelled amazing after. I was super excited to have mine.

Natalie slathered my arm with the Vanilla & Anise créme du corps and I really liked it, which was interesting as I’m not a fan of anything aniseedy. Whilst massaging my arms she showed me two of the limited edition fragrances: the Plum Blossom (which was what Ate T had) and the Velvet Rose & Oud (from their cologne intense range). She said that both may be floral (the former was light and reminded me of spring, the latter a bit more autumnal/wintry and reminded me late nights in the metro) but they work perfectly with my base. I chose Plum Blossom as it was still early (the other one seemed better for a night out) and I was so surprised by the effect. The floral/sweetness element was somehow mellowed by a creamy undertone which resulted into some sort of fresh, sweet, dreamy deliciousness. Seriously, it smelt like I’ve just woken up on a nice spa by the beach and got lei’d. Har, har.

All three of us felt so pampered and relaxed after our massages and we couldn’t stop smelling ourselves. That moment I was sold on their products, so much so that I decided to buy a bottle for my starter Jo Malone scent. I was contemplating on getting one of the perfumes Natalie used on me but then I went back to the scent spread I chanced on Wild Bluebell (light floral). Wow. IT. WAS. THE. ONE. It’s slightly more floral than what I’d wear but it was also very powdery, fresh and almost aquatic. I did want something different without steering far from what I usually wear. I’ve applied it on my wrist and after a while it still smelled glorious. SOLD.

I was really pleasantly surprised that I liked it that much. As usual, the old saying ‘You won’t know unless you give it a try‘ proves to be true. Oh, and I found out that they do more than candles, body and facial products and perfume. Some shops actually have therapy rooms where you can have proper body massages and facial programmes. How awesome is that?

Go grab yourselves a bottle or two. I’m sure there’s a scent for you, too. 😉

Jo Malone 
Sloane Square Boutique
150 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BS, Tel: 0870 192 5121
Find other branches here.

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