My generation…

This video made me remember all the crazy good times with my peers growing up. Got me all ‘Awww!‘-ed out being nostalgic from the games we played whilst waiting for classes (my favourite was classroom basketball!); the scrapbooks and autograph books we signed (The neverending ‘What is love?’ question! Is it blind? Is it like a rosary? Is it a four-letter-word that takes a lifetime to define? All of the above?); the tricks and pranks we aimed at each other; the shyness and kilig when we phoned our crushes (three-way, you keep quiet whilst your friend fishes for you); the excitement of acquiring pre-schoolyear stationery; the anxiety during pop quizzes and graded recitations; and the general good vibes of being carefree back in the day.  

Compared to today’s generation, mine had it much simpler. Case in point: my niece who’s in second grade has her own mobile, laptop, Facebook account, etc. Post-school hours, she’d plays interactive games with her buddies over the internet (of course, we make sure that everything she does is legit and secure). When I was her age, the highlight of my day would be something along the lines of scoring a good sticker trade at recess and my post-school peer interaction would only last for a few minutes to an hour; just enough to play a round of Chinese Jacks or Cops and Robbers (not the video game!) while we waited for our drivers to pick us up.

We didn’t have social networking sites and technology capable of making interaction easier then (other than pagers and phones) and the school/social dynamic was a teensy bit more orthodox. The lack of techie stuff, however, made human interaction more organic and the games we played made us, perhaps, understand the way life worked a bit more (ie sometimes you get lucky; your gain is proportionate to the effort you exert; strategic planning is important; nothing worth it comes easy; etc). We come from a generation who basically learned to do, make, and get things in more steps than clicking a lone button.

I think we’re lucky that way.

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