Thank you AZTA. I felt pretty.

A few weeks before my flight back to the Philippines I realised how badly my hair needed TLC. I thought about having it done in London but a) I still haven’t found a stylist/salon good enough to visit regularly; b) the stylists I actually liked are gone (Ash Covent Garden is closing!); and c) it’s not worth paying heaps for something I’m not 100% into (I once paid almost £200 for three haircuts in two weeks, as none of the salons I visited got it right and I ended up looking half-butch and half-Eurovision camp).I decided to wait until I’m back in Manila so I can entrust all hair problems to my favourite salon of all time, Azta Urban Salon.

I’ve been to the Eastwood branch a few times before and I really like their space; it’s bright, airy and they play pretty good tunes! The staff’s very welcoming and their new store manager, Val, is such a bubbly character.


Creative Director Jo Tabuena was my superstylist for the day. I’m extremely glad to have been able to book him as he was actually my hair fairy in the Katipunan branch back in college. He knows what I like pretty well, so much so that I didn’t have to give much direction as all his ideas sounded great to me. He chopped my hair off to a shorter do (but still long enough to be able to play with) and gave it a bit more body and vavoom. He also suggested to go a few shades lighter, which my supercool colourist Charlie executed well.

Before and After
(I’ve heard nothing but awesome compliments about the hair colour. Even my London mates think it’s great.)

The next day, I had a wedding to attend and as I didn’t have much time to prep, I visited Azta Katipunan so they can style my hair and gunkify my face. It was awesome to see familiar faces and stylists whom I’ve worked with previously. Miss Julie was in charge of my look that day.

The awesome crew
Miss Julie gave me a natural look and she suggested curling my hair. I’m steady useless when it comes to sorting myself out for events like this so when everything was done I was really pleased with the result.
I felt… purrrty =)

If you haven’t yet, go visit an Azta near you. Here’s a menu of their services (click each box to enlarge) and here’s a link to their Facebook page for more deets. They offer a lot of promos and other hip new hair/beauty technology.

A friend said that every lady should have a go-to salon and I’m really glad to have found mine. Nevermind that it takes over 6600 miles and a long haul flight to get there; every visit has been worth it and everytime I leave one of their salons I can’t help but feel good about myself. And my hair.

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