Happy Easter, indeed. (Year 2)

My ‘One Little Word‘ last year was ‘POSSIBLE’. This year, I had a bit of trouble finding the right word until it came to me last night while reading an old blog post on some Easter weekend musings.
You see, I believe my 2012 actually started during Easter. It felt like a final wave to a chapter that needed to end and a prelude to something magnifique. I’ve had to really let go of a number of things, people, places and emotions last year and it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. However, making it possible (and doing so) actually opened a lot of opportunities. It also made me see and appreciate an understated greatness in moving on and moving forward.
And that is my One Little Word for 2013: ‘FORWARD’. I slept like a baby last night knowing this morning will come and I will wake up feeling ready to go. I did. And it feels like the new year has finally arrived.
♣ ♣ ♣ 
I am so overwhelmed with the feeling of absolute humility and gratitude and I know I couldn’t have gone through the past 12 months, if not for the people who’ve come full circle with me.
♣  When you move forward from toeing the line of human nature complexities, it is possible to find your ‘best man’. Thank you, M, for going through the past year (and a half) with me, for absorbing thoughts and corny jokes; judging when needed and not judging at all; sharing ideas and debating them over with. You have been a lifesaver, a fluffy rock and the ultimate Dudeparechong. *high five*
♣ I used to hang out with guys more so I was well versed in ‘bar banter’ but not so much in ‘girly’ convos. That said, I’ve found a steady set of ladies who have been my absolute support group in more ways I’ve imagined. It really feels like I have sisters from different mothers. Thank you London girl friends for giving me advice no man can ever understand or provide (I’m not just talking about makeup, tampons, prams), and for making this city more interesting. =)
♣ Last Easter, I wrote ‘This week, it hit me. There’s someone. And so far it’s been pretty great. Happy.’  I get tongue-tied when I try to describe how amazing this situation turned out to be, partly because I still get giddy with the blessed happy feeling *yihee* and partly because even I’m surprised at how everything panned out. Life really has a funny way and though I didn’t think it was possible, it’s really been mind-blowing, this ‘catching yourself falling in love everyday’ type of thing. Thank you, Plaid Boy.

♣ The hardest part of being away from your family is being away from your family. I’ve been gone for almost seven years (?!?!?!!!) but missing the fam bam always gets to me. I was blessed to have been able to spend more time (on FaceTime and actual face time) with this awesome, loving, supportive bunch and it made me realise how much I miss home. Watch this space.  
♣ Thank You. It’s been a tough and manic start of the year but thank You for giving me strength and for making me understand the real meaning of today. Thank You for waking me up in time to catch the morning sun break the silence of the city. Thank You for making the birds sing what sounded like a victory hymn outside my window. Thank You for giving me the feeling that from today, I am not going anywhere else but forward. With You.
Isaiah 40:29-31
 Have a happy and blessed Easter Sunday, folks.

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