Six tracks for April 2013

So did you fall for YouTube’s April Fools trick earlier this month? I did for a while. Annoyingly I did, until my alarm when off and I realised it was all a prank. Good one, at that. Heaps better than Google Nose!

Anyway here’s the usual six-track playlist of the month.

The 1975 – Chocolate
The intro hook reminds me of the early ’90s (Ace of Base – The Sign). The vocalist’s hair reminds me of the mid ’90s. The delivery reminds me of boy bands from the late ’90s. You wouldn’t think this is from a Mancunian indie-rock band would you? Off their third (and my favourite) EP ‘Music for Cars‘, this track is catchy, kitschy, happy-go-lucky. Just like the ’90s.

Peace – Higher Than The Sun
Super stoked that the debut album is finally out! The wait since Follow Baby and Bloodshake is over! The tracks are all pretty surf/sun stroke cool, which I find funny because these boys are English, where the weather is gray and the sun is elusive. 
Junip – Your Life Your Call
Jose Gonzalez and his band are releasing a new album end of this month and this is the second single released off it. It’s as laidback as Mr Gonzalez himself but an awesome tune for sunny days and getaways, too.

My favourite track off Everything Everything’s Arc album. It’s one of those songs that aren’t catchy but memorable enough to get stuck on repeat for ages. 
Noah And The Whale – There Will Come A Time
Don’t you feel uplifted everytime you listen to a song by this band? There were some feel good folk-rock tunes off their previous LPs such as 5 Years Time, First Days of Spring, etc. Oh and how could we forget the ‘pay it forward’-inspired video for Give A Little Love? This track has a different tone from the usual, but it still makes you feel really good after.
Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile
I miss hearing rock/alternative songs like this – songs that sound like they’ve been practiced heaps of times in a garage and songs that get everyone hyped when it’s played. Then again that’s how I always feel about tracks by Cold War Kids. =)

Enjoy! =)

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