Lessons from a baby shower

My friend R is due this summer and everyone in the supper club is excited. She threw a baby shower last week at their place in the ‘Hamptons’ =D

It was an afternoon tea set-up and I couldn’t help but notice how awesome the spread was. Most of the treats were homemade. R & A are really awesome hosts. Lesson 1: Afternoon tea time is the best time for baby showers. Nothing too heavy for the guests and nothing too hard to prepare!

They put the barbie out too. We were having been typical menopausal London weather, so it went all drizzly. It took a while to get the fire starting, but the boys managed to build up a fire and soon enough, we had delicious smoky meat off the grill. =) Lesson 2: Let the men take over the barbie! 

Lesson 3: You know how they say getting preggos is a great excuse to eat anything you want? Lie. Pregnant ladies actually need to watch what they eat because there’s quite a list of unsuitable food. Did you know that some fish have high-levels of mercury, some juices are unpasteurized, some brekky food like sausage and bacon aren’t ideal – not cos of fat but cos of nitrate? Contrary to popular belief, soft cheese is actually okay. And a cheeky glass of wine is actually not so cheeky. 

Grandma and the girls

Then it was time for games.

The first game was Pooey Pampers: we had to figure out which type of chocolate was smeared on a particular nappy. They all looked scarily similar to actual poop so it felt strange having to taste, smell and observe the choccy… but that didn’t stop my team mate and I from naming all of them correctly. Woohoo! Lesson 4: Everything is not shit. You have to learn to look at the bright side and not take yourself too seriously.

The next game was a test for suckers. The boys had to drink a concoction of G&T off baby bottles. I think the boys learned that babies are hard suckers too! Haha! Lesson 5: Sizes for nipples and nipple holes vary depending on the age of the baby.

While the men had to suck, the ladies had to blow. Balloons, okay? (This is a wholesome post after all.) We had to match R’s belly circumference. R’s belly ended up measuring at exactly 100cm. My team mate and I got the closest measurement at 105cm =) Lesson 6: The belly size does not guarantee a big baby.

Then it was time for pressies! R accidentally blurted the baby’s name (she’s been keeping it a secret for the longest time) which, according to a gushing grandma, is absolutely perfect. I think everyone agreed. I can’t tell you the name yet, but I can tell you  there were lots of cute stuff for the little boy. Lesson 7: Babies can never have enough onesies, but if you’re giving pressies it’s always best to get something the kid can use for a loooong time. =)

After the pressies we went to look at the nursery, which was super cute with hand-painted walls. I can’t post the photo because they’ve painted the baby’s name on the wall. =)

It was an interesting day. I’ve learned so much about being preggos, the grotesque details of being in labor (c/o A’s mom!) and the way a child really changes things for the parents-to-be. I’m excited for R’s baby boy to arrive because looking at how his parents look at each other, I’m sure he’s going to be surrounded by a whole lot of love. Lesson 8: Always appreciate your parents. You will never have an idea how much they have/are willing to sacrifice for you.

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