Six tracks for July 2013

Panama – We Have Love

When it’s supposed to be sunny and summery and all you see out your window is how grim the weather is, you have to make do with what you have. At least we have Spotify. At least we have music. At least we have biccies. At least we have love. Pardon the cheese. I really miss the beach.

J. Cole – Land of the Snakes

J.Cole’s second LP was released same day as Kanye’s Yeezus and has become the runner up on the charts. I personally enjoyed Born Sinner more, possibly cos the verses are a bit more personal and more old school hip-hop/rap. This is one of my favourite tracks from the album and it samples Outkast’s Da Art of Storytellin’.  

Kid Cudi – Going To The Ceremony

I have mad love for Kid Cudi. Mad, mad, mad love. Never shy to venture into different genres, here’s his latest track which I think if perfect for late night/early morning pensive driving. 

Calvin Harris feat Ayah Marar – Thinking Bout You (EDX Remix)

Calvin’s 2012 offering, 18 Months, has proven to be a treasure chest of dancefloor hits. Here’s another one from the lot featuring Jordanian singer Ayah Marar. I have a feeling this will go down well with the masses.

MS MR – Hurricane
from Luke Gilford on Vimeo.
I’ve always wondered whether MS MR’s full length album Secondhand Rapture would sound as eerily sweet as their EP Candy Bar Creep Show. It was, actually, a darker shade of pop, a lighter hue of alternative with the slightest hint of trip-hop and country. Favourites are still the same tracks off the EP (ie Dark Doo Wop and Ash Tree Lane) including the CHVRCHES remix of this track.

Alpine – Seeing Red

I love listening to Alpine‘s  A is for Alpine post work-week when I’m finally home, winding down post Friday night drinks. Same sticky, silky, sexy vibe as Gasoline, this track is perfect with a glass of wine, a tub, and cucumber eye patches. =)



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