Favourite… People who inspire: The Lovely Laurels

Have you ever met a couple who just makes you believe in all sorts of happy endings?

I met The Lovely Laurels in UP. They’re a few years younger but G/Man, I think, has the makings of a really good leader and G/Lady is full of wisdom beyond her years. Both of them shine brightly in their own individual light but together they’re just really spectacular. The integrity of their relationship is admirable – they’ve been together 12 years – married for almost two – and they’re honestly one of my Top 3 favourite inspirational couples of all time.

Last year, they went to the UK for a holiday and we met up for a quick pint and bubbly to celebrate their visit. We swapped a few stories about what’s gone in our lives since the last time I saw them (Gab’s surprise birthday in 2006 – we all cramped in a toilet in his house to hide). It was a short and sweet pint, but their parting words were quite instrumental to the year that rolled by. They told me to “take a leap of faith” and though I’ve heard the phrase a million times before, I never really believed in the possibilities that came with until I heard it from them.

The lovely Laurels are back in the UK, this time for a whole year as G/Man’s doing his MBA in Cambridge. I met up with the couple for a catch up dinner and as usual, I’ve learned more than I could chew (and at Shoryu, there’s a lot of ramen to chew!)
  • It’s okay to have bad moments… because you get to laugh about them in the end.
    Like any normal couple, the lovely Laurels actually have, er, moments. I can’t imagine them fighting because“you guys make it seem soooo easy, you’re always laughing and seemingly loving towards each other!” That’s because they choose their battles and when the going gets tough they try to make each other laugh. It’s okay to bicker and to have fights. It’s okay to have space – but never give your partner too much space they’ll forget you’re there. Lay off pride and never let it chip your love.
  • Compliment and, more importantly, complement.
    Shower your partner with praises but also bathe your partner in support. In an ideal world both of you are superstars sharing equal space under the spotlight. In a real marriage, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you have to give way when the other person’s star has to shine. Letting your partner flourish doesn’t mean you’re compromising your own success nor letting your shine dull. You’re simply supporting your partner in the most selfless way (which is probably the best compliment ever).
  • Work on the basic foundation of your marriage.
    When you marry someone there’s a lot to figure out and work on ie financial investments, residential settlement, how to raise your children etc. But for these things to fall into place nicely, you have to work on the basic foundation of your marriage first: you and your partner. A marriage isn’t something you can wing. You have to learn how to communicate and to compromise because you should never compensate. Remember that when you commit yourself into marriage, you also commit into becoming the best version of you so you can be the best husband/wife to your partner.
  • Flowers can be expensive, like most things you don’t really need.
    It’s inevitable. Yikes. But I’m not even into flowers!
    The lesson to learn here though, is that if you can find joy and contentment in being married to the love of your life, then you probably have what you need right there. Scrape through the superficial and keep things simple. Expensive pressies do not make a happy marriage. 😉  

I could go on about the stuff I learned from this young couple but I’d probably run out of space. These two are indeed brilliant gems of their generation. I hope we all get to catch a bit of their shine.

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