Favourite… season: Fall!

I love Fall for a few good reasons:

The Birthdays! I can’t believe every single day on my calendar has a reminder for friends’ birthdays from September til November. There’s a lot of good vibes and celebrations all around the world. My birth month falls in this quarter too 😉

The Food! There’s a lot of good stuff in season: parsnips and sweet potatoes you can roast and drizzle with honey; figs and berries you can make good crumble and tarts with; beetroot, pumpkin and squash you can turn into soup; really good lamb you can prep for Sunday roast, served of course with balls of stuffing made of chestnuts and swede. It’s a really good season to pack extra insulation for the upcoming winter 😉

The Colours! London is gorgeous during fall. The changing colour of leaves around the parks and in the city makes everything quite atmospheric, setting picturesque scenes for proposals and pre-nup photos. That said, if you step away from the typical oranges, reds and browns there are also heaps of deep plums and mustard yellows, rich emeralds and peacocks, striking cobalts and fuschia (in purple and pink!) all around.

The Weather! It’s typical of people to say that UK weather is menopausal and moody but I’ve actually learned to love Fall weather more than Summer because it’s been consistently pleasant for the past seven years. The sun seems to shine most of the time and it breaks the crispness of the air. Walking around town or having meetings al fresco actually becomes more enjoyable than laborious.

The Style! Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know how to dress up for a day because the weather is unpredictable? I remember putting on a airy dress last summer when it was predicted to be a hot day with clear skies only to buy tights, a blazer and an umbrella in the arvo because it poured. I like that Fall kicks off layering season because you’re guaranteed to dress appropriately. There’s a huge selection of blazers, trenches, cardis and jumpers floating about that can keep you warm, even if you fancied wearing something less warm underneath.

Fall Favourites

Fall Favourites by thegirlnextshore

I’ve posted this set before, but I’m reposting, because I need to inject more colour in my wardrobe yet again. =) 

Jumpers Sept 12

What’s your favourite season? =)

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