Favourite… sweet treat: the macaron

You can never beat French desserts and pastries. I have a slight repugnance to cream, but when it comes to French desserts my inner Marie Antoinette takes over. Sweep me off to Paris/Lausanne and you’d see me outside my favourite patisserie/boulangerie sipping strong black coffee and chowing a trio of desserts, a carry out bag of custard cream-filled sugar-coated bread by my side. It may be impossible, but I reckon I can live off hazelnut dacquoise, millefeuille, chocolate souffl├ęs and eclairs.

But don’t forget the macarons. No, no, not the macarons. I can never tire of these lush sweets.

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Petit Sarap, a macaron business started by Filipinas Jerica and Sherry in London. I got intrigued and excited. Maybe I get to have a croquembouche in this lifetime after all!

Petit Sarap is a business which stemmed out of a hobby. When long-time baker Jerica ventured on to making macarons she enjoyed them so much she got her friend Sherry into the hobby as well. Their friends thought the macarons were fantastic, and that’s when the light bulb switched on. J&S thought this was an opportunity to introduce some Filipino flavours into the British dessert scene. They started the business early this year. The girls do most things together but as with all partnerships they each have a role to play; J focuses on the creative side, ie quality control and packaging whilst S focuses more on the marketing and business side.

Jerica & Sherry (photo from Sherry)

The name ‘Petit Sarap‘ is exactly what the business is all about: it’s the perfect marriage between Filo and French delicacies enveloped in those tiny bites of delectable munchies. (J’s husband came up with the name: ‘Sarap‘, which translates to ‘delicious’ in Tagalog, was one of the few Filo words he knew.) They have really a mix of good Filo and classic flavours, including yema (my favourite), ube, salted caramel, berries and their favourite to make, pistachio. The girls meticulously experiment with different flavours, trying and testing which ones would go well with their market. Of course, their husbands have been more than happy to head the taste testing panel!

Petit Sarap pistachio macaron + Bubbleology boba tea

With their bigger and more famous competitors lurking in the macaron market, J&S are simply enjoying the time they have now for baking these sweet little treats. Humble as they are, they try not to get their heads too far into the future even as their customer base expands through word of mouth and the social networks. They do however have dreams for Petit Sarap: the girls are looking into bringing out other baked goods such as cupcakes and customised cakes. A little corner patisserie in London is a dream too!

Can you imagine how awesome it would it be, to be able to walk into a Filipino-inspired bakery in Londontown? It’s an exciting prospect as it means having an outlet to educate people about Filo flavours and putting our cuisine into the culinary map. I do hope this dream materialises sooner for the girls.
Love the yema macaron!

These treats are really delicious – the biscuit has a light crunch and chew and the filling is always spot on the flavour. *salivates*

If you want to learn more about Petit Sarap and how to order, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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