Shacktober Fest at Shake Shack Covent Garden!

There’s another reason to love this month, and you don’t have to be in Munich for it.

Shake Shack Covent Garden celebrates Oktoberfest with its 10-day “Shacktoberfest” menu featuring brats, biers, and other Bavarian-inspired munchies!
I really, really wanted a burger but also fancied a classic currywurst. Luckily, the Brat Burger (£8) comes with both burger patty and bratwurst.
It doesn’t look like the usual Shake Shack cheeseburger; the patty doesn’t come topped with melted cheese and the holy trinity of burger toppings (onion, lettuce and tomato) unless you ask for it. BUT! Carnivores would have a hoot with the Emmental stuffed bratwurst, crispy battered shallot rings and ShackSauce.

The Emmental bratwurst adds a really nice flavour to the burger and I’m sure you’d enjoy watching the cheese oozing out of the sausage (no puns here). I almost do not miss the cheese topped patty because it was that good. The crispy shallots add a nice texture dimension too and I swear for a second I thought I was eating bacon bits!

Of course if you really miss the cheese, you can always opt for the cheese fries (£3.50)
And make sure to bring your buddies. Oktoberfest, like everything at the Shack, is best enjoyed with mates.
The Shacktoberfest menu lasts til Sunday, 14th October. Go head down the market and grab yourself some nice wursts and bier! =)

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