Six tracks for December 2013

Before everyone breaks off for the holidays, here’s the last six-track playlist for the year. =)

Amber Run – Heaven
Starting the festivities with anthemic guitar rifts (you’d probably hear in soda or trainer adverts in the future) reminiscent of the early days of Coldplay, the commercialisation of Kings of Leon, and a little bit of the omniscience of Foal’s Yannis Philippakis‘ voice. In love with this track. Have a listen and you might just be, too.

Haim – If I Can Change Your Mind

Super in love with the Haim sisters and their debut album Days Are Gone.
Super in love with this song. 

Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)
If I had a twin and if we can kind of sing, we’d probably start a little dream pop duo, get signed by Kitsuné  and practice like this. She can be the talented one who ends up with the solo career; I’ll be the one who does the ad libs and ends up with a happy family and a happy non-showbiz life. Anyway, here’s the original version of the song.

J.Viewz – Rivers and Homes
An oldie but goodie feel good tune. Wouldn’t be surprised if this has been used in adverts in previous years, as it seems like one of those tracks that just emanate some sort of corporate feel.

Pharrell – Happy
It’s been a crazy year aye? That said, despite all the despicable things my home country’s gone through, the Filipinos have proven to be strong and resilient. Pharrell’s tune off the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack tries to remind us a little bit about happiness. We need it every now and again. =)

Dave Matthews – Christmas Song
Of course, here’s my favourite non-traditional festive song of all time.

Have an amazing Christmas buddies!


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