6 Tracks for February 2014

This month’s playlist is a tad bit too late for my liking. 
I do apologise, I’ve just been feeling like this little bugger:

Anyway. Six tracks of the month as usual…

Echosmith – Tell Her You Love Her
Kicking off the playlist with a gentle nudge for all my torpe guy friends.
And everyone in a relationship.
And all of us who need to appreciate our mothers more. =)

The Afghan Whigs – Algiers
Remember this band? Their super catchy song 66 got us all singing “Come on little rabbit..” at one point. They’ve been out of the loop and off airplay for about 16 years (!) and the new offering is pretty decent. Reminds me a little bit of the alternative music scene from the early ’90s to early noughties, which I super love. Greg Dulli’s voice sounds a bit more mature and a little more playful, don’t you think?

Clean Bandit – Rather Be
Clean Bandit’s hitting the mainstream with this catchy track featuring Jess Glynne. I love the violins and the steady vibe which reminds me of dance tracks of the 90s.

Magic! – Rude
I’ve been searching for this song for aaaaages! Such a fun and funny song with a very catchy chorus you can sing when you’re pissed off at people you can’t exactly get pissed at. That said, I’m glad my future husband doesn’t have to sing this to my dad! =)

Cut Copy – Take Me Higher
February’s been quite fabulous at work but it has also brought about long work hours and a ton of items on my to-do list. When I need a bit of headspace I’d step out for a walk around the block listening to this tune and in a span of five minutes, I’m swept away by ocean waves, the sun kissing the freckles on my face.

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky (live at Abbey Road)
Got a really nice text from someone who said he really appreciates my playlists and that I’ve introduced Paolo Nutini to him. He then sent this fresh track from the artist saying it’s ‘powerful stuff’. It’s a good tune but more importantly, is it just me or is Mr Nutini blooming? Har.

Enjoy! x

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