La-la-la-love… THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Fishy Fresh Date

I love this time of the week, when my social media feeds are flooded with people’s memories. I remember it started with #sentisaturday, which became #flashbackfriday, which became #throwbackthursday. Here’s a memory I’d like to share.

So you know Plaid Boy and I went to the SEA Aquarium in Singas, right? I’ve always known Plaid Boy had a thing for aquariums (to the point of watching fish from outside Chinatown restaurants in New York) but I didn’t think he’d actually want to visit the tourist-laden aquarium on his first London trip with me. I thought he’d want to do something much cooler, like a crawl of the city’s best speakeasies or a trek up to the Lake District. This actually set off alarms in my head. Who flies to London from New York to visit the aquarium? It’s like me flying to New York to eat fish and chips. It’s so… geeky! Of course as the local (we hadn’t done labels yet then) I had to put on my Blue Badge tour guide face and oblige. Keep the boy happy, why don’t we.

It was R Kelly all over again.

But secretly… I actually love the aquarium too.

So, we started the day looking at fish in Borough Market making pun and fun of the fins in the sun and silly little rhymes about the gills and slime. (That was bad, I know.)

Can’t really say “It’s a jungle out there!” but…

And then we went off to see the fishies in the tanks, starting with sharks at our feet. I hate glass floors – they get me paranoid.

We walked into a room where they had a pool for rays and flat fish. I busted out a groove and said “Hey Ray, come out to play!” and this little one swam by.

Then we went to see the bigger tanks. It was quite eerie and dark as if something else was on stealth mode waiting to jump at you…

Until I realised it was a family place and a young woman lurking behind props would look seriously suspicious on CCTV so I came out and was awed by the enormity of the tanks.

They had quite a community down there.

Look, a massive tortoise!

I have a slight phobia of jellyfish much thanks to the one with the pee. They’re beautiful creatures but…

Plaid Boy: Girlfriend, can you handle this?
Girl Next Shore: I don’t think I’m ready for this jelly.

And when you see a bunch of clownfish and blue tang… you know what’s coming, don’t you?

We found Nemo and Dory!!!! (There, I said it.) Look, they made beso pa!

We also found this photogenic fish which reminded me of the word ‘grandpa’.

Found a little one with a tear in its eye… (it looks so kawawa!)

…and a big one who scared the bajeezus out of me.

But look how happy it made little boy blue!

All my apprehensions about losing street cred and geekery dissipated when I saw this. I think I fell in love with him a little bit here. A little bit lang!

I’ve never been a fan of crocs (the footwear brand and the animal) but I was totally mesmerized by this beauty.

Whilst those crazy sharp whites do not say “Hug me! Let’s be friends!” I was super drawn into this gorgeous display of sloth. He was just perched on that rock, sleeping like a baby.

And look! I can’t help but drool over that gorgeous skin.

I think I stayed by his window for a good five minutes or so thinking, “Dear Mr Crocky, I think you’re pretty. Don’t eat me.

And then we went to see the penguins!!!!! OMG, this made me so happy. We spent a good half hour in the penguin zone and I was in total glee. By the time we thought we’ve had enough, I realised that I wanted more so Plaid Boy allowed me to go back and play whilst he roamed around and looked at other fishies.

I took crap photos, but there were decent videos. 😉

And then we were out.

It was defo one of the nicest early dates I’ve had. Never mind the grey skies and the manong stranger in the background, I had a great time. In retrospect, the date was sort of a sign and a little practice of things to come (ie us being official) – putting someone else’s interests before mine to make them super happy, almost liking things I thought I detested, that awesome feeling of not being alone even in my lonesome. He said he knew I was going to be his girlfriend, I wasn’t too sure. I was quite happy being single and independent, quite used to getting my way. And look where we are now.

The Aquarium is definitely a touristy thing to do, but it’s good fun when you’ve got awesome company. It definitely made me appreciate the beauty of the underwater world and God’s creations all around. You should go see it, too.

London SEA Life Aquarium
County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB
Tickets at £22 for adults, £16 for kids

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