The Night I Became A Bartender at Anise… whisked away in a sexy UBER car

PART THREE of the #Nuffnangis007 Birthday Series.
After a friendly war of colours at the pop-up House of Holi party pod we headed straight to Anise, Cinnamon Kitchen‘s cocktail bar, for a cocktail masterclass. My friends know I like a good cocktail here and there so I was really looking forward to this part of our celebrations.  
In our Holi-fied faces, indeed
Photo credit: Lynette
We were welcomed with delicious pom poms: a good refreshing start to our cocktail journey!
Meet our mixologist, the lovely Rob Flack! Check out his Instagram, if you can.
A chap invited me to have a play behind the bar and I was super stoked! I mentioned I liked scotch so Rob suggested a cocktail called “A Glass Case of Emotion“. I think my face said it all.  
The other bloggers watched as we worked the bar.
Photo credit to Jesse & The Nuffnang Team

This cocktail has 12-year scotch, chilled Earl Grey tea (which smelled super amazing I wanted to bathe in it), freshly squeezed OJ, apricot preserve and maple syrup. It’s light and refreshing with a little scotch kick. 

The key is to get the measurements right!

Mix done, it was time to shake! I was bricking it a little because the last time I held a cocktail shaker (my friend from LAB let me play), it slipped off my hands and, uh, I’ve never gone behind the bar since. 
Haha, I think I was stressing him out at this point… but I loved shaking and it didn’t slip!
Et voila! A glass case of emotions served short on the rocks… poured from a teacup!
The other bloggers had a play too! They created cocktails including a Neela Heera (with deadly drunken maraschino cherries), a Yellow Domigo, and a Green Thai lemonade, etc. Each of them were amazing although admittedly I loved the Glass Case of Emotions.
Few hundred sips and glasses of cocktails later, I asked Rob for a night cap and he created a pretty good off-the-menu cocktail with whisky and bourbon (another “old man’s drink”). It had a French-sounding name which escaped me as I think I was ever so slightly inebriated by then. I do remember enjoying it though, because I downed the remnants of my glass before getting whisked away in a sexy UBER car, courtesy of Nuffnang! 

Can you tell I was extremely happy?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of UBER. I’ve always preferred hired cars than black cabs as they’re safer and at most times less expensive. UBER has the sexiest cars and the drivers really look after you. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! They’re offering you £20 off for your first ride. All you have to do is download the app, type in your destination, use the code NUFFNANG20 and wait for your sexy UBER car to pick you up. Easy breezy.

That sums up the #Nuffnangis007 Birthday Series. It was a really great night and I’m so pleased to have been a part of this celebration. The experiences were awesome and meeting the bloggers was seriously enjoyable. Props to Community Manager Jesse for really taking care of us!

Thank you Nuffnang – many happy returns!

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