Bageriet: where the pastry is just out of this world

You can easily miss Rose Street on Covent Garden amidst all the shops and tourists (it’s a teeny passageway connecting Long Acre and Floral Street) but if you do happen to pass by, I’m sure you won’t miss this awesome Swedish café, Bageriet (which means bakery in Swedish).
The smell of cinnamon and bread hits you first; at the centre of the window display is a massive platter of the most gorgeous cinnamon buns. I never used to like cinnamon buns but the ones in Bageriet are too crazy good to pass. Soft bread baked on the day generously slathered with real cinnamon paste (not just powder) balanced with the right amount of butter to keep it moist. Wow. At £2.20 per (big) piece, it almost feels sinful to have just the one. 
These brioche pretzels are super massive and super delicious too!
As you go towards the counter to order you’d see more baked goodies: almond tarts, coconut pyramids, raspberry caves, vanilla filled hearts, etc. 

It’s a quaint little place but it’s cute and picturesque (I wondered if anything’s from Ikea. Lol). There’s a limited space for sit-in coffees and convo but it’s quite comfortable and cosy.

They also have a wide array of treats for you to take home sprawled all over the place.
Packed cookies, biscuits, granola…
Preserves and jams…

Cakes and sarnies for those who fancied eating in…

You can order cakes and pies for special occasions. The cakes are seasonal so you know the ingredients are fresh. Last Autumn, they had this really awesome blueberry pie (£30 for a full tray of it and it’s good for 10-12 people).

So if you happen to pass by Covent Garden in need of a break after shopping or before heading off to see the ballet/opera/theatre, find Rose Street before you find the nearest underwhelming corporate café and treat yourself to a nice cuppa and pastry at Bageriet. There’s nothing to DIY here except to chill. And munch on those amazing baked goodies.

24 Rose St, London WC2E 9EA | +44(0)20 7240 0000
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    2nd July 2014 / 11:20 am

    The Girl Next Shore

    We are a property company situated in the West End that produce an annual restaurant guide containing restaurants that are situated in our properties.

    This year, we are using bloggers reviews as opposed to critics reviews and if possible, would like to use a review that you have written for Bageriet.
    Would you be kind enough to let me know if it is possible to use the review? Obviously we would credit you and send you a copy once printed.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • 4th July 2014 / 12:10 pm

      Thanks Fiona.

      Please feel free to use this review 🙂