6 tracks for May 2014

Excuse the slight hiatus, I’ve been on a much needed break with Plaid Boy in the city of lights, love, and foie gras. Will be back to regular programming soon with updates, photos, and lots of food.
In the meantime, the monthly playlist!

Sam Smith – Latch
I loved the original version when it came out eons ago – it sounded like a modern day love story both lyrically and rhythmically. Sam took it to another level old going on old school acoustic. Brilliant.

Mr Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)
In LOVE with this track. Super chilled out sail/surf track. Steady Summer sun, can’t you come to Britain already please? We’ve had way too much rain for Spring.

Parov Stelar – The Duke
Managed to find Parov Stelar’s new EP ‘Clap Your Hands’ on Spotify which was stuck on loop for a good few days before we went on hols. It’s an archetypal Parov album with The Sun headlining as my favourite track. Nothing like good electro-swing to pump you up for a good Parisian café feel.

Arsenal – One Day At A Time
There are songs that you just have to research when you hear them the first time. That’s when I realised that Arsenal has been around a while, looming in compilations and soundtracks of things I’ve watched (ie a documentary about important books of the 20th century feat Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Lem’s Solaris, etc, Café del Mar CDs, Six Feet Under).

Mapei – Don’t Wait
This was meant to be part of last month’s playlist but I guess I kinda forgot #badblogger. Anyway. I like the laziness of this track. I like how Mapei tries to inject a bit of character to the lyrics (which aren’t particularly spectacular), and I like the beat. Decent enough.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

Not particularly new, but if this isn’t on your MOMOL (make out make out lang) soundtrack, please add. You can also watch how Jesse MOMOLs the microphone and learn what (or what not) to do.

By the way… I’m so glad to hear Spotify is now available in the Philippines! (The monthly £9.99 I pay for premium service feels like a total rip-off compared to the PHP120 though!) Let’s discover music together, friends!

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