Le Relais de l’entrecote: where family recipes are done right

If you’re ready to battle the queues for this Parisian favourite you should only really be thinking about one question: “Rare, medium, or well-done?” The menu is short and simple: salad for starters, steak frites for mains. If you’re vegetarian (and I seriously hope your date is well worth your presence at a steakhouse), you get a variety of fromage in place of steak.The servers, clad in real-life French maid outfits, would direct you to your table and ask how you want your steak and what you’d like to drink. Few minutes in, despite the full-house busy atmosphere, you get your starter.

A starter shade of green: not exactly a mover but refreshingly simple.
When our mains arrived, Plaid Boy looked at his plate and I knew he was already plotting a side trip to the closest Maccas post dinner for a filler quarter-pounder. It is not the biggest nor thickest of steaks after all.
My charming date

Never thought I’d be mind blown by humble fries but man, they were seriously delicious. Crispy and not shy of seasoning, they’re moreish and comforting: the kind your gym trainer bans you from consuming but you do anyway, in secret, thinking it justifies those hours of working out.

My charming plate
The steak is cooked to your liking and it’s decent but what’s really interesting is that yellow-green sauce they’re famous for (seriously quite rightly so). I’m not a fan of sauce on steak and if I fancied some, I’d ask for it on the side. I don’t know how to say that in French, so the steak came swimming in it.
We finished our plates with one thought: Happythankyoumoreplease. Like the film.
And then the second serving arrived. Our eyes lit up like a little fat kids in a cake shop. Yes – they keep a third of your steak so you can enjoy it hot on your “second plate”.
…and they serve it with heaps more fries! (I stole a few more off Plaid Boy’s plate)
My happy medium-rare steak, bleeding love on the plate.

We were full after the second serving so we decided say no to the dessert menu, the only time you actually get a choice (other than wine).The formula of keeping it simple works wonders for L’entrecote but the magic is really in THAT sauce. Plaid Boy and I were taking turns trying to figure out the ingredients: “it’s definitely buttery and meaty, perhaps the steak dripping?”“a hint of parsley there and a bit of tarragon maybe?”“ooh, I think there’s a bit of Worcester sauce, too!” We kept guessing, dipping our steak and fries in this glorious, murky wonder. Few days later, we were still guessing.

We could always ask but I’m sure they’ll never tell. It’s a family secret recipe I’d keep on the hush, too.

Le Relais de l’entrecote
15 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 / 20 Rue Saint-Benoît, 75006, Paris
Branches in LDN & NYC.
No reservations. Ave spend pp: 30€

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