Live Below The Line 2014: Day 5 – 56p, the trick is to keep breathing

I signed up for Live Below The Line from 28 April to 2 May, hoping to raise funds for ChildHope. You can still help either by sponsoring me here.

Reflecting on the last four days, I had to pinch myself. I’ve really done it and Day 5 is the last day.

 I prepared the 2-portion vegetarian sausage casserole (42p) leftovers from Day 4 with some couscous (13p) and decided I’ll have it for brunch. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t even really hungry anymore. In total honesty, I think I’ve eaten more during the working hours this week than I normally do. Possiblly because I prep my own food and make time to eat, possibly because I value eating more.

Few forkfuls later, I really couldn’t be bothered eating anymore. Looking at my food, I saw my late great-grandma shaking her head saying “Finish your food… there are people who can’t even eat!”. I remember her saying that when I wouldn’t finish the food on my plate. When I was a bit older I’d retort back and say “Why? Those people aren’t going to appear at my doorstep to eat leftovers.” Right prick, I was.

Anyway, I forced myself to eat the rest for dinner. I was too full after. Maybe my stomach’s ability to contain a universe of food is indeed deteriorating. Who knows.

Last week, I was thirsty for a purpose, wondering what this life is all about. Live Below The Line helped satiate the thirst in a way. The past week has definitely been an eye-opener. It made me realise:

  • apples are more expensive than bananas (why?!?!)
  • it’s POSSIBLE to eat off £1 a day without compromising health
  • the trick is to plan keep breathing – sometimes you already have what you need
When I started the challenge I honestly didn’t know what I signed up for. As the days progressed I became more aware of the cause and the gravity of what we are doing/how we are helping. There are 1.2 billion people (that’s 20 times the population of the UK, by the way) living in extreme poverty and it’s really a huge problem to have as a global nation. It can ultimately lead to health hazards, social unrest, and absolute injustice. We all have to do something to help.

Overall spendage for the day: 56p

Overall spendage for the week: £3.59
Overall feeling: Humbled, gratified, relieved.

For more information about the campaign please visit the Live Below the Line website. Please visit the Child Hope website too, for more information about the charity I’m raising funds for!

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