Plaid Boy and Girl Next Shore in Paris: Saint-Germain, Notre Dame & Love Locks

Plaid Boy and I started our second day walking around Saint-Germain while munching on goodies from a local patisserie we spotted down Rue de Rennes. It was the most amazing croissant I’ve ever had, evidenced by the lack of photo due to speedy consumption.

I love this area of Paris. It boasts of pretty architecture from quintessential French buildings (and their wee little windows) to churches, squares, and universities. There’s a great mix of luxury, high street, and artisan shops so shopping is very convenient, and there’s a lot of really good (historic) caf├ęs, bistros and brasseries to choose from. It’s quite an artsyfartsy place, with a plethora of museums, art galleries, and street artists that won’t disappoint your visual appetite.

We visited Our Lady of Paris, more famously known as the Notre Dame. It’s such a gorgeous cathedral. The gothic architecture is really breathtakingly amazing and Square Jean XXIII is such a gorgeous spot for al fresco sarnie lunches or for simply just chilling out. 

As lovers visiting Paris would, we went to see Pont de l’archeveche (The Archbishop’s Bridge) aka the “love locks” bridge. It’s quite a sight to see. Admittedly I was tempted to get Plaid Boy to sacrifice his luggage lock so we can leave our own.

I wondered, while browsing through the millions of locks latched onto the bridge, how many of those lovers have actually kept their promises of forever. My resident cynic said 10% and my secret romantic retaliated with 90%. Whatever the correct percentage is, I hope they’ve made good memories and took loads of photos.
We didn’t leave anything on the bridge, but we left the area with good memories and a commitment to enjoying the rest of our trip (and finding a good place for lunch!) Don’t worry Plaid Boy, you can keep your beloved luggage lock. I’m latching onto you.

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