Hawksmoor Seven Dials: where Plaid Boy and I had a lunch date

Two Summers ago, Plaid Boy flew to the UK with the intention of making me his girlfriend (he obviously succeeded). As it was his first ever trip to London, I took him to some of my favourite places in town with the intention of making him fall in love with the city (not quite sure I succeeded).
One night, he wanted to have steak. Admittedly, the capital’s steakhouses may never compare to the ones he’s accustomed to in New York (read: Peter Luger, Keens, Ben and Jacks) but I thought Hawksmoor at least wouldn’t disappoint. We had a feast of a meal, but I didn’t think he was keen.

Two years and five London trips later, we decided to put Hawksmoor back on the culinary itinerary. We went for the express menu, which they serve Mondays to Saturdays until 6.30pm and from 10pm onwards. It’s super sulit at £24 for two courses and £27 for three courses.

For starters, Plaid Boy went for the bone marrow topped with some sort of green sauce. I think he enjoyed this better than he did the last time.

I opted for the Doddington Caesar salad. Refreshingly light and quite well balanced with the seasoning. They weren’t shy with the cheese, which I loved.

Plaid Boy got the 250g rib-eye cooked medium rare with extra sides of two fried eggs (£3) and creamed spinach (£4.50) for mains. I didn’t think he was mindblown, but it was enough to satisfy a craving.

We shared the triple-cooked chips he had with his express menu order but not the same verdict of it. He said he could taste the health hazards of the beef dripping it was cooked in and felt a bit iffy whilst I thought it was the reason why I liked it a lot.

I ordered the 200g fillet tail (£5 supplement) rare. Seared quite well, the char on the cut gave it a decent smoky flavour.

My meat was cooked to my liking though as expected, the thick part of the cut was rare while the thinner end was slightly cooked more.

I had a baked sweet potato on the side and asked for a wedge of butter to season it. To be honest, it was pretty tasty on its own already. 

I skipped pudding as I was extremely full but Plaid Boy ordered the white chocolate cheesecake. I was extremely surprised as I watch him devour this dish with much gusto – he’s not one for desserts but he said he enjoyed this more than he enjoyed his steak. Interesting.

Our total bill came to around what I’d normally pay individually when I go to Hawksmoor for dinner service. Pretty awesome.

I doubt I’ve changed Plaid Boy’s mind about London steakhouses (or London restaurants for that matter), but I’m rather convinced it’s the company that makes him happy to come back. Teehee, things that love can do and all that jazz.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials
11 Langley St, London WC2H 9JG | +44(0)20 7420 9390
Ave spend pp: £30 for set lunch with drinks; £60 for dinner service with drinks
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