Bukowski Grill Burgers c/o Deliveroo!

Have you heard of Deliveroo? It’s a really cool food delivery service that puts quality above anything else. Their restaurant roster is heaps impressive (think Ceru, Nando’s, Honest BurgersGaucho, etc) than your local greasy takeaway so you can have your favourite top notch dishes in the comfort of your home or office. Average delivery time is just 35 minutes so it’s quite convenient, too. I’ve tried the service a few times already and let me tell you, it’s a serious step from other takeaway apps. 
I was super thrilled to know Bukowski Grill delivers to my house because sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than staying in with your PJs and Netflix on, and getting down and dirty with a big, fat, juicy burger.  

Here’s their best-selling Fat Gringo (£9.95). Looking at it makes me feel fat already. In a very satisfying way.

Inside the burger: beef, candied streaky bacon, Monterrey jack cheese, jalapeno mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions. Essentially, a big bacon cheeseburger. *burp*

Here’s, uh, a rather messy cross-reference (I did tell you we got down and dirty!). The lower bun was a bit soggy when it came, but after a bit of serviette pressing I managed to tidy up for a decent bite. The patty was cooked to a nice, juicy medium and I thought it was seasoned well. However, I’d sing praises for the candied bacon because man…. bacon.

The Smokey Beast (£10.95) came highly recommended by some friends at Zomato so I’ve ordered it as well (not on the same night, I promise!).

Beef patty, smoked pulled pork with smokey honey and chipotle BBQ sauce, smoked gherkins, smoked garlic and scotch bonnet mayo, onions, and believe it or not, there’s a lone lettuce leaf hidden somewhere there. 
Again, a rather messy cross-reference. I had some hesitations as I thought this was going to be ultra smokey, but the flavours were well-balanced. The patty was again cooked to a good medium and the pulled pork was pretty tasty and tender. I liked this better than the Gringo. 
Now for the non-burger stuff:
I’ve ordered half a rack of grilled pork ribs (£5.95) and I think the portion’s quite good.
Although the ribs are actually very meaty, the spicy rub wasn’t as exciting as it was on paper. I missed the sticky, distinct barbecue glaze you get when you eat ribs.
The beef short ribs (£6.95 for a small portion) on another hand were delightful. I felt like a Neanderthal eating the meat off the bone, juices dripping down to my elbows – and enjoying every second of it. Off the grill with an herb and garlic marinade, this was succulent, tender and super good. 
As for the sides….
The chilli cheese fries (£4.95) sounded promising but I have elevated standards when it comes to triple-cooked chips. These weren’t soggy, but just lacked the crispy-outside-fluffy-inside profile. The chilli con carne was not bad, but it needed a bit more smoke and a bit more zing.

The waldorf salad (£2.95) was okay, but it reminds me of how my mother, who can’t cook to save her life, used to make these because it was the only thing she could “cook”.

The caesar salad (£2.50) was just okay. The dressing could have been a bit creamier but I did enjoy the sourdough croutons.

Bukowski’s tobacco onions (£2) are good. It’s possibly the only side dish I’d re-order. They were crispy, moreish and flavoursome and surprisingly hot and crispy even after delivery. 
Overall, Bukowski’s burgers are the superstars of their short and sweet menu so skip all the other sides and go for the essentials. Though I’ve had better burgers elsewhere, I think their offering passes as a good contender for a Friday night in (or out). 
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