Brunch at Obicà Mozzarella Bar, South Kensington

When I think of mozzarella, I think of pizza, pasta, and summer salads. I never would’ve associated it with brunch, as I’m more of a punchier-cheese-for-brekky type of girl. Like Red Leicester on my toast or comté with a fruit bowl, or feta with avocados… and so forth. So when I got invited to try the new brunch menu at Obicà, my first initial thoughts of the skeptic type. But curiosity feeds the girl, so off I went with K in tow.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreObicà, which apparently translates into “HERE IT IS!”, is a restaurant that celebrates mozzarella cheese. They have outposts in Italy, LA, NY, Japan and London. Their aim is to present their homemade Mozzarella di Bufala with local produce to showcase culinary tradition and local farmer trade. Pretty decent objective, I’d say.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreK and I went to one of their five London establishments located between Sloane Square and South Kensington. We kinda got lost in between the haze of Carven, Joseph, Jonathan Adler, Chanel, and and Anthropologie…. oops! But then we found it, next to South Ken faves Daphne’s and Bo Lang. It’s a cosy restaurant with bright natural lighting and neutral decor.

The New Brunch Menu

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreObica by The Girl Next Shore


We came to try the new brunch menu which I thought was super bang for buck. You get the option of choosing the Classic Menu (£22 for a main dish, a small salad, frittelle, juice, and coffee or tea) or the Premium Menu (£29 which is everything you get in a classic menu with a cocktail alternative for juice). I’m all up for boozy Sunday brunch because God knows how much of a struggle Monday can be.

Now most of you know I don’t eat egg. This is slightly problematic for brunch dates because it’s the omnipotent ingredient, and menu items sans egg can be limited. Such is the case for the brunch menu at Obicà, where the only main dish sans your little egg and yellow friend is a fried mozzarella sandwich.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreI decided to just YOLO it and have the verdure crostini with grilled vegetables, smoked mozzarella and basil pesto. I asked for the scrambled eggs to be placed on the side but I don’t think our server (who was a lovely journo student, btw) heard. Oh well.

The grilled vegetables were big slices of zucchini, aubergine and peppers. I loved this. They were fresh and earthy and hearty at the same time. Paired with a (super generous) helping of the mozzarella, I thought this was good. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the crostini, but only because it was slightly hard to slice.

Obica by The Girl Next Shore K had the same issue with her prosciutto cotto arrosto crostini, but everything else was good. I had a bit of her ham and artichoke which I thought was great. I actually preferred her stracciatella di mozzarella more than my smoked one.

The “small salads” were not at all small and I like this, because I hate it when restaurants overcharge you so much for a measly bowl of a few leaves.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreMy choice was the cavolo riccio, a salad of curly kale, ricotta, pomegranate, pine nutes, tomatoes and some crostini croutons. I’m not always a fan of tomatoes in salads but the sweetness of the baked Datterini tomatoes really livened up this dish. I loved the freshness of this salad and I love that it’s so easy to replicate at home, perhaps with a tad less olive oil.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreK’s quinoa salad came with lamb’s lettuce, mozzarella di vufala, avocado, tomatoes and blueberries. I wasn’t too keen – and that’s not because I hate lamb’s lettuce – but probs because I found a slight disconnect between the flavours. That’s just me.

Once we were done with our mains and salads, the frittelle came. I was waiting for this all throughout. We were kinda full from all the food so we decided to share a degustazione of three different types.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreMiele e Arancia: honey, orange, toasted pine nuts.

Obica by The Girl Next ShoreFrutti di Bosco: mixed berries

Obica by The Girl Next Shore Cioccolato: choccy chips

The doughnut itself could have done with a wee bit of softness on the inside but they were all nice enough with a nice balance of sweetness. The ricotta di bufala was well used on these, highlighting the variety of flavours on the frittelle.

Verdict for Obicà Brunch

I’d recommend this brunch for those of you who adore egg and cheese. Personally, I’ve never had that much mozzarella in one sitting so it was quite a treat. I think the food is good for value and with a few tweaks here and there, it could be great. Can’t fault the price at all because you do get a lot!

96 Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London SW3
Our meal was complimentary but ave spend pp is £30
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  1. 27th June 2017 / 1:40 am

    I don’t think there is anything better than a mozzarella bar. I’m such a huge fan of the cheese that a bar dedicated to it sounds heavenly!

    • Honey de Gracia
      1st July 2017 / 10:01 am

      Lol, Nano I think you’d enjoy this!!!