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  • A first holiday horror story

    A first holiday horror story
  • Falling in love, falling out of love

    Falling in love, falling out of love
  • Claiming a Colourful 2019

    Claiming a Colourful 2019
  • Oh How I’ve Fallen

    Oh How I’ve Fallen


T & I / Ponti / April 2010 T’s my first UP friend (FUPF). I met her during freshie induction day and immediately dreaded the sight of her. We were wearing the same outfit (plain white shirt, flared denims and white sneaks) and looked like high school students who bunked…

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A case of the ex (this is not a book review)

I used to read a lot but these days, I’ve lost time (and perhaps a bit of interest) to do so. I’ve finished 1/10 so I’ve got seven months to finish nine more. I didn’t want anything too intense for my first book so I chose Jane Moore’s The Second Wives…

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OLD JOURNAL ENTRY: Oh, but I can’t read your mind

I used to be very good at reading minds especially when I know the person all too well. My instincts were always spot on and I felt like I had this bizarre superpower to be able to phone someone in despair at the right time without warning. At the same…

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Teenage Dream

The parentals at a wedding My parents never had the perfect relationship and I don’t think they’ll ever do. However, when they let down their defenses, they actually do act like teenagers going bonkers with puppy love. Oh and yes – they were high school sweethearts. Back when I was…

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Day 22 – How have you changed in the past 2 years?

PART OF THE 30-DAY MEME CHALLENGE  Other than the superficial haircuts, faded tans and not-so superficial relationships, I don’t think anything’s changed much since 2008/2009. If anything, I actually think I’ve rediscovered myself again except I can humbly say that I’ve learned how to be stronger and more capable than…

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