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  • A first holiday horror story

    A first holiday horror story
  • Falling in love, falling out of love

    Falling in love, falling out of love
  • Claiming a Colourful 2019

    Claiming a Colourful 2019
  • Oh How I’ve Fallen

    Oh How I’ve Fallen

OLD JOURNAL ENTRY: The one-day crush

You remember spending one whole day with him three semesters ago, when you both were assigned officials for the college volleyball games. During time-outs you talked about loads of things – he said he thought you were only 16 (you were 17 then), you said he should stick with his…

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Day 17 – Your highs and lows of this past year

PART OF THE 30-DAY MEME CHALLENGE Last year was dead set one of the most draining years by far. Highs and lows were extreme and they came in and out faster than the speed of sound. I’ve lost all sense of emotional stability and was always on the edge for…

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Day 01 – Your current relationship

PART OF THE 30-DAY MEME CHALLENGE   DISCLAIMER: You’ve no idea how many times I’ve started writing, deleting and re-writing this. It’s so difficult to put into words a description fit enough for… well.. for ‘this’. And words are nothing but limiting. All I had was a picture. A memory…

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a memory from fall

I get into central way too early for my liking so I pop into an overrated cafe to kill time. The barista sees me and before one could even say ‘coffee’ he perkily screams in my ear that I am getting a flavoured cappuccino. I cringe and think that perhaps…

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