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  • A first holiday horror story

    A first holiday horror story
  • Falling in love, falling out of love

    Falling in love, falling out of love
  • Claiming a Colourful 2019

    Claiming a Colourful 2019
  • Oh How I’ve Fallen

    Oh How I’ve Fallen

Lunch in Taberna Puerto Lagasca, Madrid

Finding Puerto Lagasca was a pleasant accident. We initially wanted to try the original StreetXO in El Corte Ingles in Salamanca, but when we got there for 3pm, 1) the queue was absolutely phenomenal and 2) they weren’t letting any more punters in. Slightly deflated and hungry for good Spanish…

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Salmon Guru: Best Cocktails in Madrid

I love a good cocktail in a good cocktail bar. Hotel bars in London have great offerings (negronis at the Ham Yard Hotel, sidecars at The Fumoir in Claridges, Manhattans at The American Bar in the Savoy, martinis at The Connaught, etc.). However, it takes major cojones and skill to…

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A Story of Love

So, it’s been a while, eh? I’ve not neglected the blog, I’m just simply not neglecting life. My grandmother passed away last month and I’ve been in a bit of a haze. Head’s been a bit of a jungle –  juggling normalcy on one side and proving work-life balance on…

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Bloempot, Lille: tales from a rocking Top Chef

I have a thing for reality TV shows that feature professional chefs. It’s a platform to see who the next culinary rising star may be, with their careers kickstarted by endless challenges in front of a camera. I loved the US series of Top Chef (Padma Lakshmi is fire) and…

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Chilling out at CT Coffee & Coconuts, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is so chill, you can throw a juice box in the air and it’ll fall down as a popsicle stick. Har. No, seriously. It’s really one of the most laidback cities in the world, and those special hemp brownies ain’t got nothing to do with it. The collective vibe from…

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